The Positive of Running

Relax, breathe and flow.

Running is one of the only physical activities that requires you to be clear-minded and positive.

It’s very difficult to keep a steady pace while running with negative thoughts in your mind. If you have ever sat down and talked to an elite marathoner, the first thing you experience is a humble, gentle and content person. You can see the work these athletes have put in to make it that way. It would be difficult to run over 26 miles under five or six minutes per mile pace and not have learned to keep negativity at a distance, opting for a clear mind instead. This is the beauty of running.

Running forces us to clear our mind, breathe and flow all at the same time. It removes the cobwebs from our minds so we can see clearly. Through running negativity is always eliminated and positive solutions are always created. It may take some time to reverse negative thoughts but as you keep approaching your running goals they will slowly fade away.


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