Work Today, Celebrate Today

Tomorrow is a new day. What I do today helps create my tomorrow.

This is one of my daily reminders motivating me to do what I can today. It wasn’t always that way.

More than 20 years ago, before I started training for competition, plans and goals were created. I was determined to reach these goals and would focus too much on them. I would put too much pressure on myself and training felt more like a burden than something worthwhile. One day after stopping in the middle of a training session, not feeling motivated at all, I sat down, took a deep breath and thought about what was happening: I was losing my love for running. I was focusing on the goal and not where I was at that moment. I woke up that day and realized I was approaching my goals in the wrong way. There was nothing wrong with setting a long term goal and creating a plan to get me there. The problem existed in my day by day goals. I didn’t have any. I just had workouts! I had overlooked the golden rule: Everything exists in steps. I scrapped my original plan and started to focus on daily goals that will help me reach my ultimate goal. It worked and I have never looked back.

The little pieces of success along the way will produce the results planned on day one. Reach for the stars each and every day, step by step. Don’t focus on where you think your training will lead you but instead do what you can today. Each day celebrate your results even if it may not be as envisioned. That is the ultimate gift of doing what you can do. Day by day, step by step, mile by mile, meal by meal you will see progress. Stress doesn’t see progress. Frustration doesn’t see progress. Stress and frustration sees overtraining and injury. Every day, when you have finished training remember this… you put in work today and it is okay to be content with it. Every day you will grow stronger, dig deeper, and reach your goals.


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